Ghostumentary 2 Final Ghost Hunt

Welcome to the last ghost hunt for Ghostumentary 2. The follow-up film to Ghostumentary which was moderately loved in the US, and highly hated in the UK. This second film has only taken us about 7 years to finish which feels like it was only 7 years ago.

This ghost hunt will be special because it’s taking place at the Chrome Comb Barbershop in Nampa Idaho. It’s extra special because the business is owned by our very own ghost hunter Ryan Straub. He, and several of the barbers there have experienced strange things. We hope to join in the fun.

The scoop? March 9th at 10 pm we will have you join us. Please be on time and ready to go. We will go to the shop areas in groups. Try to communicate, capture strange occurrences, and film yourself doing it. We expect the hunt to go until 1 am but it could go longer.

What do you need? You need to know you’ll be on camera and in the film. You’ll also need to be rested. It’s easy to get tired when sitting around waiting to get spooked. Besides that, nothing else. We encourage you to film your experience and share any footage you get. You can also share it online or with your Mom, Dad, Dog… etc.

We are there to have fun but we do ask that you take it seriously when asked. Don’t try to scare others or make funny sounds when others are trying to hear things. Have fun but don’t be an ass.

Can you bring others? Sure… we just need to have them fill out the form below. That also means you should fill it out too. It’s not only letting us know you’re coming, but it’s a release to be on camera.

So again, March 9th at 10 pm – 1 am.

1024 12th Ave South, Nampa Idaho.

For additional information, you can email me at or text me at 3106330656



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