Hart of the Mountains

Hart of the Mountains

Hart of the Mountains is a feature length film which tells the story of Sam Hart, a Marine Vet returning home after an injury he received overseas. As he reconnect with his brother Kris, he once again takes up the art of paint. 

The talents land his pieces in a local gallery ran by Lexi Frisk. A young girl whose dreams are limited by her currently life struggles. 

Through a bit of time, patiences, and understanding, they both do their best to heal each other and let them be the people they were meant to be, and in the end, together. 

Genre: Drama

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dates: April – June 2024


Studio: Powdot Studios

Principal Characters

Sam Hart

Male. Age 25-35

Ex Marine from a small town. He is reluctantly returning after being medically discharged after receiving an injury to his hand. 

He’s strong and caring. Confident and aware of his surroundings. 

Lexi Frisk 

Female. Age 22-32

City girl who is fascinated with the beauty found in art. Her strong will and independence hides frailty from a troubled childhood.  Her happiness shines and affects everyone around her. 

Kris Hart

Male. 30-40

Sam’s brother who raised him after the death of their parents. Smart and caring, he’s also very protective of his brother.

Jenny Hart

Female. 30-40. 

Wife of Kris. Small town girl with a large heart. 


Male. 25-40

Boyfriend of Lexi. Enjoys the control he has over Lexi. Attempts to keep her all to himself. 


Female. 22-32. 

Best friend to Lexi. Happy-go-lucky. Trustworthy and True to Lexi. 


Any. Any.

Working to physically and mentally heal Sam. 

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